Episode 25 - From the Farm to the Capitol

Episode 25: From the Farm to the Capitol

In this episode of the Growing On Podcast, we are discussion two bills in the Georgia General Assembly; the "Right to Repair Act" and the "Georgia Raw Dairy Act". We breakdown both of the bills and explain what they would mean for Georgia agriculture. 

The "Right to Repair Act", also known as HB 1176: Farm equipment is heavily reliant on computer systems, and technological barriers placed in the software and codes of equipment are only accessible to the manufacturer and dealers. Currently, farmers must rely on dealers for repairs to their tractors and equipment due to these stop-guards which render equipment useless unless parts and repairs are done by an authorized dealer technician. This legislation would require that manufacturers make available to independent service providers or owners of the equipment, at a fair and reasonable cost, the tools, parts, and manuals necessary to work on their own equipment.

The "Georgia Raw Dairy Act", also known as HB 1175: Currently under GA law, dairy producers are only allowed to sell raw milk as pet milk, but with the technological advancements in the dairy industry that provide for a very consistently safe product, many believe there is a way to produce raw milk that would be safe for human consumption. Many in the dairy industry, especially smaller producers, have been seeking a way to increase their already slim margins with a product like raw milk that brings a premium price due and has an increasing consumer demand. This bill would allow for the legal sale of raw milk for human consumption under a set of specific rules and regulations that seek to ensure a safe product.