Our Mission

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As the voice of Georgia farmers, we will enhance the quality of life for producers and consumers by being the champion of agriculture.

We believe a thriving domestic agriculture industry leads to healthy communities and a healthy economy and is the key to enhancing life for all Georgians. Since our founding in 1937, Georgia Farm Bureau has been the voice of family farmers, rural communities, and consumers in Georgia, helping people better understand where their food comes from.

Access to fresh, locally-grown food and fiber is important to everyone. By empowering farmers to tell their story to lawmakers, leaders and to the general public, we can build an environment where Georgians can rely more on our neighborhood farms and less on exports from other countries.



Our Grassroots Impact

Georgia Farm Bureau is woven into the very fabric of the state and truly embodies the term grassroots. Georgia Farm Bureau has offices in 158 Georgia counties and reaches every corner of the state. When you Become a Member of Georgia Farm Bureau, you become a member of your local county office and most of your membership dues stay within your community. 

Georgia Farm Bureau’s impact comes from its grassroots infrastructure, which informs and powers everything that we do.  We work with farmers and individuals on the local level to understand what policies and programs are needed, and then we implement those on a widespread, coordinated scale. Change is effected at the county level as well as the regional level. The state is divided into 10 regional districts, each with local leadership and programming specific to their region.

Map of Georgia with GFB Locations

Each marker represents so much more than just an office. Within each county, we have staff and volunteers who are led by a voluntary board of directors. They coordinate local programming unique to their county, from working in classrooms to providing leadership and educational opportunities for farmers. The state is divided up into 10 districts, each of which has its own regional programming and is served and led by a District Federation Manager and members of the Board of Directors.

Farmers and volunteers can get involved even more broadly through committees and even by serving on the state board of directors.

Commodity Committees

Georgia Farm Bureau coordinates leadership committees specific to the major commodities in Georgia, allowing those farmers to come together and advocate for the issues important to their farm. These committees help inform the Georgia Farm Bureau policy book and drive the legislation that our leadership and lobbyists advocate for at both the state and national level.

Young Farmers and Ranchers

The Young Farmers and Ranchers program offers unique networking, educational and leadership development opportunities for farmers and ranchers between the ages of 18-35.

Women's Leadership Committee

The Women's Leadership Committee offers educational, leadership development, and service opportunities for women in agriculture.

President and State Board of Directors

Georgia Farm Bureau is led by its President and State Board of Directors, a group of elected individuals representing all 10 districts in the state. The Board is composed of the president, three vice presidents and 22 members of the board of directors, each of them an active farmer.


Help Us Protect Our Local Agriculture Industry 

Even beyond our grassroots infrastructure, Georgia Farm Bureau is powered by our members, of which we have 230,000. We’re on a mission to build and empower an engaged membership organization with the purpose of promoting Georgia agriculture and family farms. We invite you to be a part of that membership by becoming a member today for just $35.


Not Sure if Membership is Right for You?

Membership isn't only open to farmers and people in the agriculture industry. You should be a member of Georgia Farm Bureau if you…

Enjoy three meals a day.
GFB lobbies for legislation that is crucial to farmers who grow food and fiber, such as The Farm Bill.

Care about your local community.
GFB members, volunteers and employees give back to every community in the state.

Care about the state’s economy.
1 in 7 Georgians are employed in the agriculture industry.

Believe in being self-sustaining.
GFB supports Georgia farmers to grow our food so we don’t have to rely on international suppliers.

Visit u-pick farms in the summer and fall.
Check out GFB’s Certified Farm Market programs to find a farm near you.

Wear cotton clothing.
Georgia is the second-leading producer of “white gold”, the most widely-grown row crop in Georgia.

Are a teacher who is interested in free resources.
GFB offers free materials for teachers.

Like a good burger.
GFB advocates on the state and national level to keep prices down so farmers can make a living.

Like to hunt or fish.
GFB advocates for land preservation.

GFB members get discounts on hotels, car rentals and more.

Enjoy fresh watermelon on a warm summer day.
GFB works to protect the interests of farmers so they can continue to provide your favorite local produce.

Want to help children learn how their food is grown.
GFB’s Ag in the Classroom program connects students with local farms.

Live in a rural community.
GFB advocates for rural life and makes sure the needs of rural Georgia are not forgotten at the state and national capitols.

Like discounts on a car and car maintenance.
GFB members get discounts on vehicle purchases as well as places like Jiffy Lube.

Are a parent or grandparent.
GFB offers scholarships and supports leadership programs like FFA and 4-H.

Care about wildlife.
GFB supports legislation that protects Georgia’s land, forest and water sources.

Visit pumpkin patches in the fall.
GFB promotes and supports agritourism, one of Georgia’s most important industries.



Help us protect our access to locally grown food and fiber and enhance the lives of families in Georgia by becoming a member today. Membership is just $35 per year.