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Georgia Pecan Growers Expecting Bumper Crop

Posted on May 31, 2016 at 0:00 AM



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MACON, Ga. – Get your sweet tooth ready. It’s going to be a peachy summer in Georgia.

Growers from the state’s main commercial peach-producing farms say the combination of cold weather in January and late February combined with mild weather in March positioned them for their biggest crop in years.

“We have not had this size of a peach crop in many years, so everybody’s pretty excited out on the farms,” said Will McGehee of Genuine Georgia, a cooperative of five major Georgia peach farms. “This is going to be a good year.”

All summer long, then, Georgians will be able to get the delicious fruit for eating fresh, baking pies, canning or making jams and jellies. Peaches and many other summertime favorites like watermelons, tomatoes and sweet corn are available across the state at Georgia Farm Bureau Certified Farm Markets (CFMs).

To maximize your enjoyment of Georgia’s namesake fruit, eat them when they’re ripe. It’s pretty simple to tell when they’re ready. According to McGehee, the ripeness of peaches is color-coded.

“Look inside the stem cavity and if you see lime green you’ve got two or three days on the counter to get that peach to ripen where you really want to sink your teeth into it,” McGehee said. “If you see creamy yellow or sherbet orange in the stem cavity, it’s ready that day or the next morning. If you mix up your peaches between those two colors you’ll have some today, some tomorrow and in some in three or four days that’ll be ripening at the right time.”

Georgia peach growers produce more than 40 varieties of peaches, and they reach maturity at various times into August. This provides consumers access to plenty o’ peaches wherever they choose to buy them, whether it’s in the nearest CFM or at their local grocery store. There are 27 CFMs offering peaches, from Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge on the state’s northern border to Lawson Peaches in Morven on the state line at Florida and numerous markets between.

“The Certified Farm Markets program is one way we work to connect our farmers with consumers,” said GFB President Gerald Long. “Visitors at our CFMs can get the freshest fruits and vegetables possible. Many of them offer the opportunity for customers to pick their own fruit and enjoy activities on the farm.”

In all, there are nearly 90 CFMs scattered around the state, providing consumers with direct access to every crop grown the state. To find a CFM near you visit


Founded in 1937, Georgia Farm Bureau is the state’s largest general farm organization and has 158 county offices. Its volunteer members actively participate in local, state and national activities that promote agriculture awareness to their non-farming neighbors. GFB offers its members a wide variety of benefits, including insurance, but enrollment in any of the member benefits is optional and not a requirement for membership.

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