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Georgia Farm Bureau Announces Livestock Sponsorship for Georgia National Fairgrounds

Posted on Jul 27, 2017 at 0:00 AM


Andy Lucas, 478-474-0679,

MACON, Ga. - Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB), the voice of Georgia Agriculture, will serve as the premier livestock sponsor for the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter 2017-2018 season. GFB proudly supports the Fairgrounds and Agricenter’s mission and vision to be a leading organization for youth to exhibit, learn and compete with livestock.
“On behalf of the Georgia National Fairgrounds, we are extremely excited and grateful for the partnership between ourselves and the Georgia Farm Bureau. Agriculture is such an important commodity to our state and when you combine today’s youth, with the opportunity of showing livestock we can’t think of a better event to support and promote,” stated Keaton Walker, Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter’s Marketing and Sponsorship Director. 


The tenants of livestock showmanship help students developmentally and teaches them the value of hard work. This practice calls for youth to engage with animals, therefore cultivating the importance of responsibility and dedication.


“Showing livestock has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, for both me and my family; it’s something I strongly believe in,” said Georgia Farm Bureau President Gerald Long. “Participating instills a sense of pride in you, realizing your own potential so early in life. Giving back to a cause that is innately part of me is a gift in and of itself.”


Livestock showing speaks to the effort of an individual and their desire to devote their time to growing a relationship with their animal. Working with and training livestock requires daily commitment and hours of preparation.


“It is exciting for the youth of our state to be able to further their agricultural projects because of the funding made available by GFB. We're eager to see the future growth of the Junior livestock program and we appreciate companies such as Georgia Farm Bureau for their shared vision,” stated Philip Gentry, Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter’s Agriculture & Youth Livestock Director.

About Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter

The Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter is a state owed facility where livestock and horse shows along with a variety of commercial events, rodeos and RV rallies are held year-round. GNFA is the host site for some of the largest equine and livestock events in the Southeast part of the Country. The 1,100-acre facility opened in 1990 and since the first event, we have attracted families, businesses, and individuals from all over the world to experience this one of a kind opportunity.  The largest event held at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter is the eleven-day Georgia National Fair, held every year in October. For more information please visit

About Georgia Farm Bureau

Georgia Farm Bureau is a membership-based nonprofit dedicated to providing a face and voice for farmers and families involved in agriculture. With more than 300,000 members and offices in every county across the state of Georgia, it is one of the nation’s largest farm organizations. GFB offers leadership and assistance, farm product promotion and legislative representation to ensure Georgia’s farming future.

Becoming a Georgia Farm Bureau members helps support local farmers and ensures Georgians continue to have access to locally grown, high-quality food. For more information or to join today, visit

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