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GFB YF&R Committee Chairmen

Posted on April 4, 2022 8:00 PM



Chairmen served from December of the first year listed through December of the second.



CHAIRMAN                           MEMBERSHIP COUNTY                  TERM

Albert Wildes                                       Jeff Davis                                 1973-74

Wildes was appointed to the first GFB Young Farmers Committee in June 1973 but GFB bylaws weren’t changed to allow the committee chairmen to serve as an ex-officio member of GFB Board of Directors until 1973 convention.


Harry Foster                                         Franklin                                    1974-76


Wesley Kaylor                                      Lee                                          1976-77


Larry Eley                                            Greene                                     1977-78


Terry Thomas                                       Brantley                                   1978-79


Mack Crawford                                     Pike                                         1979-80


Ken Howard                                         Morgan                                     1980-81


Tom McCall                                         Elbert                                       1981-82


Carroll Bennett                                     Cook                                        1982-83


Jim Reid                                               Sumter                                     1983-84


Vincent “Zippy” Duvall                         Greene                                     1984-85


Thomas Mercer                                     Wheeler                                    1985-87


Lee Anderson                                       Columbia                                  1986-87


James Bennett                                       Telfair                                      1987-88


Tommy Akridge                                   Mitchell                                    1988-89


Teel Warbington                                   Dooly                                       1989-90


Mark Dawson                                       Oconee                                     1990-91


Brad Marks                                           Newton                                     1991-92


Terry England                                       Barrow                                     1992-93


Mark Powell                                         Clay                                         1993-94


Bobby Barber, Jr.                                  Decatur                                     1994-95


Chip Brooks                                         Habersham                               1995-96


Fred Wetherington                                Lowndes                                   1996-97


Mike Lucas                                           Bleckley                                   1997-98


Jimmy Scott                                          Coffee                                      1998-99


Michael Williams                                  Bleckley                                   1999-2000


Mark Glass                                           Mitchell                                    2000-2001


Chad Brooks                                         Clay                                         2001-2002


Ben Boyd                                             Screven                                    2002-2003


Brent Galloway                                     Newton                                    2003-2004


Paul Shirah                                           Mitchell                                    2004-2005


Chad Carlton                                        Polk                                         2005-2006


Chris G. Paulk                                       Irwin                                        2006-2007


Leighton Cooley                                   Crawford                                  2007-2008


Lanair Worsham                                   Mitchell                                    2008-2009


Matt Bottoms                                        Pike                                         2009-2010


Wesley Hall                                          Forsyth                                     2010-2011


Jake Carter                                           Henry                                       2011-2012


Garrett Ganas                                        Ware                                        2012-2013


Matthew London                                   White                                       2013-2014


David Cromley                                     Bulloch                                    2014-2015


Will Cabe                                             Franklin                                    2015-2016


Mitchell Pittman                                   Toombs                                    2016-2017


Dustin Covington                                  Sumter                                     2017-2018


Ben Cagle                                             Cherokee                                  2018-2019


Will Godowns                                      Pike                                         2019-2020


Will Godowns                                      Pike                                         2020-2021*

*served a second year due to COVID-19 pandemic in 2020


Walt Pridgen                                         Coffee                                      2021-2022

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