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Georgia Foundation for Agriculture recognizes donors

Posted on May 13, 2021 8:00 PM

The Georgia Foundation for Agriculture thanks all who have contributed to its mission during the first quarter of 2021 to prepare the next generation of Georgia leaders for success in agriculture.


Pillars: $1,000 +

Clayton Co. Farm Bureau

Wayne Daniel

Emanuel Co. Farm Bureau

Georgia Association of Conservation Districts

Georgia EMC

Georgia Farm Bureau Bank

Georgia Farm Bureau Inc.

Newton County Farm Bureau

Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co.

Growers: $500 - $999

Daniel Johnson

Abit Massey

William Verner

Friends: $250 - $499

John R. Branch

Jon D. Huffmaster Sr.

Mark McCann

Christa & Ted Steinkamp

Donors: $100 - $249

Nancy M.  Altherr

Dennis L. Black

Mark R. Brose

Glenn Heard

Jeff Davis Co. Farm Bureau

David L. Jolley

Justin Long

Bradford Marks Jr.

Brian Robinson

Thomas P. Smith Jr.

Walton Co. Farm Bureau

Wesley Porter

Contributors: $50-$99

Vickie Bagby

Kathleen G. Duvall

Jason S. Elkins

Georgia Power Ambassadors Augusta Chapter

Lauren D. Goble

Richard L. Hart

Brent & Mandy Marable

Rachel  B. Mosely

Amy Parker

Robert W. Patton

John C. Ryals

Jeremy R. Taylor


William F. Bohm

Deborah M. Carter

Kenneth A. Clarke

Melanie N. Curenton

Brandi Dunham

Deborah H. Ellis

Jeanna G. Fennell

Jeffrey A. Harvey

Pamela K. Hegwood

John F. Hilton

Karren E. Hoskins

Amy J. Jeffries

Charmaine Jackson

Ronald G. Johnson

Charlotte Kitchen

Lisa C. Newberry

Bobby M. Perry

Vicki L. Shepard

Megan W. Thompson

Sara J. Walker

Kimberly A. Whitley

Donnella Williams


National Ag Day Support

Nancy M. Altherr honoring GFB IT Dept.

John R. Branch

Brandi Dunham

Charmaine Jackson honoring* The Cagle Family

Mark McCann

Brent & Mandy Marable in honor of Skeetter McCorkle

Amy Parker

Walton Co. Farm Bureau

Donnella Williams


In Honor of

GFB Employees

Nancy M. Altherr

Gerald Long

Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co


In Memory of

Stanford Day

Jeff Davis Co. Farm Bureau

Julian Franklin Davis Jr.

Georgia Power Ambassadors Augusta Chapter

Charlotte Kitchen

Robert W. Patton

Sara & Henry Verner

William Verner


Additional thanks to Facebook fundraisers, supporters of special events & product sales.

To donate to the Georgia Foundation for Agriculture please visit




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