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Georgia Farm Bureau Needs You

Posted on May 23, 2019 12:00 AM

By Gerald Long

All kinds of organizations offer memberships: civic clubs like Rotary Club; professional societies, like the National Association of County Ag Agents; youth clubs like FFA and 4-H. Being a member of an organization signifies a commitment to a cause you support.

If you work in any segment of Georgia agriculture or live in a rural community and want it to grow, YOU should be a Georgia Farm Bureau member. Farm Bureau is doing meaningful work to keep Georgia’s farms thriving. These farms create jobs and support businesses that keep rural economies alive. Farm Bureau also invests in the future leaders of Georgia’s communities by supporting local sports teams and livestock shows.

Thriving farms benefit consumers because they keep store shelves stocked with the variety of safe, affordable food we all rely on. Cuba and Venezuela are experiencing food rationing because their food systems have collapsed. Farm Bureau works to keep this from happening here.

For 82 years, GFB has served as the voice of Georgia agriculture in the legislative arena. Our members tell our state staff the issues we need to address to keep Georgia agriculture humming.

GFB speaks up any time a state or federal issue is important to Georgia farmers by visiting or contacting Georgia or U.S. elected officials and working with state and federal agencies.

This spring, we took two groups to Washington, D.C., to let Georgia’s Congressional delegation know where we stand on trade, disaster relief, ag labor and more. GFB staff were in Atlanta every day of the Georgia General Session representing Georgia agriculture.

All Georgia landowners and farmers benefit from the legislative work Farm Bureau does.

If you’re benefiting from GFB’s advocacy work or support the values and rural lifestyle Farm Bureau works to uphold, please join Farm Bureau to ensure our efforts continue on your behalf.

If you enjoy tax savings through the Conservation Use Value Assessment (CUVA) or Georgia Agricultural Tax Exemption (GATE) programs, keep in mind that Georgia Farm Bureau advocated to get these programs, which save you money each year, put in place.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Farm Bureau membership is that you have to have insurance with us or be a farmer. Neither is required. Our $35 annual dues give our members access to a wide variety of member benefits, which includes our insurance, but each member chooses which of the benefits they use.

Other member benefits include discounts with John Deere, CASE IH, CAT, Grainger, Ford, numerous national hotel chains, rental car companies, health services and Georgia amusement parks. You can recoup the cost of our $35 membership dues with one use of most of our benefits.

If you’re a farmer, have a job related to agriculture or live in a rural community, please join our cause. Your membership will ensure we’re around another 82 years to work on your behalf in the legislative arena and continue sponsoring youth development projects like livestock shows and scholarships.

Visit to join online or to find contact information for your county Farm Bureau.