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Agricultural Commodity Commission Referendums pass

Posted on August 25, 2020 12:00 AM

In mail referendums conducted this spring and  summer, Georgia beef, corn, pecan and tobacco growers voted to continue assessments on their respective crops to fund the agricultural commodity commissions (ACC) for each crop.

Georgia corn growers approved the continuation of a one cent  per bushel assessment on corn for the Georgia Corn Commission with an 87.95% favorable vote.  

With a 91.67% favorable vote, Georgia tobacco growers opted to continue a 50 cents per hundred pounds assessment on their crop for the Georgia Tobacco Commission. 

Georgia pecan growers voted by 83.5% to continue a one cent per pound assessment on pecans grown  by  producers  with more than 30 acres to fund the Georgia Pecan Commission.

Georgia beef producers will continue to pay a $1 per head assessment for beef cattle after producers returned a  79% favorable vote.

The market order for each ACC requires producers to vote every three years to continue or disband the commissions. The ACCs use the assessments to conduct research, education and promotion activities for the respective commodities.

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