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GNFA announces Junior Livestock Ambassador Team

by Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on Jul 21, 2021 at 0:00 AM

Jesse Cronic is chairman of the 2021 Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter (GNFA) Livestock Ambassador team, which the GNFA announced recently on social media.

Cronic, who enters his junior year of high school this fall, is from Jackson County. He has been showing beef cattle for nine years.

Other members are Vice Chairman Tanner Foster, Social Chairman Erynn Allison, Carson Lynn, Kate Day, Peyton Cooper, Rachel Hayes, Jiles Coble, Colleen Barber and Margie Knapek.

Foster, a rising senior from Banks County, has been showing livestock for seven years. Allison, a rising senior from Tift County, has shown livestock for three years. Lynn, a rising sophomore from Decatur County, has been showing livestock for 10 years. Day, a rising senior from Coffee County, has been showing livestock for 12 years. Cooper, a rising junior from Oconee County, has been showing livestock for four years. Hayes, a rising junior from Decatur County has been showing livestock for six years. Coble, a rising junior from Burke County, has been showing livestock for 10 years. Barber, a rising senior from Ware County and has been showing livestock for 12 years. Knapek, a rising senior from Houston County, and has been showing livestock for five years.

The ambassadors will represent the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter by serving a one-year term showcasing the livestock and equine industry on site and throughout Georgia. Each member of this team exhibits livestock projects throughout the various GNFA show.

To be selected, each ambassador submitted a 2-minute or less video. The videos were scored on criteria such as creativity, professionalism, and message. A group of 20-25 students were selected for interviews. After the interviews were completed, a selection committee chose the final 10 members of the ambassador team.

In addition to showcasing the livestock industry, the ambassadors will have the chance to learn from some of the best in their respective fields, enabling them to broaden their understanding of agriculture while networking with state leaders, agricultural officials and setting goals toward future educational and career decisions.

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