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GFB sponsors Georgia Market Goat & Lamb grand champions

by Jennifer Whittaker, Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on Nov 09, 2022 at 0:00 AM

Georgia Farm Bureau supported Georgia’s 4-H and FFA livestock programs by sponsoring the species grand champion prizes for the Georgia Jr. Market Wether, Market Doe and Market Lamb Shows held Oct. 7-19 at the Georgia National Fair. These three shows are part of the Georgia Junior National Livestock Program. The Ga. Jr. shows for other species are held each February. GFB also sponsored prize premiums for all of the livestock shows at the fair.

Market Wether – Aly Corzine, Houston County

Veterans High School FFA member Aly Corzine won the Georgia Jr. Market Wether Grand Champion prize of $1,500 on Oct. 7 at the Georgia National Fair. The freshman won with a Boer cross goat Aly described as having “a strong skeletal structure and depth of back.” She named it Dopey for his large ears and eyes.

Aly, the daughter of Chris and Andrea Corzine of Houston County, has been showing goats for nine years and hogs for about seven years.

“When I was in kindergarten, I told my Dad I wanted to show goats. With my dad’s job of being an ag teacher we would come watch people show goats,” Aly said. “There are so many people who are here working so that all of us students can show. I’m so thankful for all of the help I’ve been given in the nine years I’ve shown.

In addition to Aly’s goat winning grand champion wether, she also won the Ga. Jr. Market Wether 9th Grade Showmanship award and was named Supreme FFA Goat Showman (6th-12th grades) showing the same wether.

Dr. Scott Greiner, a Virginia Tech professor and Extension specialist, judged the wether show.

Market Doe – Cheyne Norton, Grady County

Grady County 4-Her Cheyne Norton continued a family tradition when he exhibited the 2022 Georgia Jr. Grand Champion Market Doe to win $1,500. Both his older sister, Lily, and cousin, Tanner, have previously won this award. Last year Cheyne won the grand champion market wether prize.

The son of Chad and Brandi Norton, Cheyne has been showing livestock for 10 years. He also shows sheep and shows hogs on the county level.

“It’s way less expected this year,” Cheyne said. “It’s great to win, but I just didn’t think I had the goat to do it. Two days before we came to the fair, I was planning on bringing a different goat but decided to bring Judy because she’s bigger.”

That’s Judy as in Big Booty Judy or Thicker Than A Snicker, Cheyne’s two nicknames for his prize winning doe that he’s worked with since March.

Cheyne is a sophomore at Cairo High School.

Dr. Scott Greiner, a Virginia Tech professor and Extension specialist, judged the doe show.

Market Lamb – Rachel Hayes, Decatur County

After showing sheep seven years, Decatur County 4-Her Rachel Hayes won the 2022 Georgia Jr. Grand Champion Market Lamb prize of $1,000.

“It’s always a goal, of course, but I did not expect this. It was hard work and determination,” Rachel said. “It takes a lot of time and work. I enjoy putting in the work. It gives me something to do. I love the animals. I always have. I love the people I meet doing it. I’ve met so many friends through the livestock industry and I just love being in the barn.”

The daughter of Brian and Lindsey Hayes, Rachel is a senior at Bainbridge High School.

Rachel won the top prize with a black face lamb named Mav, short for Maverick from the movie “Top Gun.”

“We always name our sheep after a movie character,” Rachel said. She started showing lambs after her older brother started.

Chase McPhaul, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Agent from Reagan County, Texas, judged the market lamb show.

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