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GFB offers new Medicare supplement for Farm Bureau members

by Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on Sep 16, 2020 at 0:00 AM

Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB) is excited to partner with Family Life Insurance Company to offer a new Medicare supplement insurance coverage exclusively to its members.

This new partnership gives GFB members several low-cost options when choosing Medicare supplement insurance available through insurance staff at their local Farm Bureau office.

“This is Medicare health coverage designed to help the seniors in our communities meet their insurance needs,” said GFB President Gerald Long. “Whether you are new to Medicare or if you have been on Medicare for some time, I encourage you to talk to staff at your local Farm Bureau office about how you can apply for the new Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare Supplement.”

The Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare Supplement allows applicants to choose from a variety of plans with varying levels of coverage and pricing. The flexibility and security of these plans make it a great fit for any GFB member.

These plans have no network restrictions, which allows policy holders to choose their doctor and provider. As long as a doctor/medical provider accepts Medicare, policy holders will be covered by the Georgia Farm Bureau Medicare Supplement.

 There’s no waiting period for pre-existing conditions and benefits are paid from the time a policy is in force.

Policy holders will receive a $35 first-month premium discount upon enrollment. Seniors who aren’t GFB members are welcome to join the organization to be eligible to purchase coverage.     

For more information about the Medicare supplement plans call 800-633-5432, option 1 or contact your county Farm Bureau office. You may visit to access contact info for your county Farm Bureau insurance staff and for more information.

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