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Georgia peanut, blueberry growers vote to continue ag commodity commissions

Posted on May 16, 2024 at 10:01 AM

In separate referendums conducted in March and early April, Georgia peanut growers reaffirmed the Georgia Peanut Commission (GPC) and the state’s blueberry growers reaffirmed the Georgia Blueberry Commission (GBC).

Continuing the GPC was supported by 91.99% of the voters. The GPC referendum was held March 8 – April 8.

Under state law, Georgia agricultural commodity commissions are required to hold a vote every three years on whether to continue their assessments.

Georgia peanut farmers invest $2 per ton annually to the commission to be used in the program areas of research, promotion and education. For more information on the Georgia Peanut Commission and its activities, visit  .

The reaffirmation of the GBC was supported by 71% of the voting producers in balloting that took place March 1-30. Georgia growers marketing 2,000 pounds or more of blueberries are subject to the $5 per ton assessment, ensuring continued support for the research, education, and promotion to support Georgia’s blueberry industry.

The Georgia Blueberry Commission, established by the Georgia State Legislature in 2008, is crucial in advancing Georgia’s blueberry industry. It allocates funds toward essential projects, including research, education, and promotional efforts. These initiatives including breeding and genetic improvements, fertility studies, variety evaluations, insect and disease management, weed control and more. Notably, the commission actively advocates for fair trade practices, urging the Federal Trade Commission to investigate instances of blueberry dumping into the U.S. market.

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