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Georgia Farm Bureau urges farmers to make their voices heard at polls

by Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on Oct 26, 2022 at 0:00 AM

Early voting is underway, and Georgia Farm Bureau is using its “I Farm. I Vote.” campaign to encourage its members across the state to participate in the democratic process. For information about the campaign, when and where to vote and more, visit

The mission of the I Farm. I Vote. campaign is to ensure the voices of farmers and rural communities are heard and provide them with the legislative support they need to continue to feed and clothe our state and nation.

GFB is also asking voters to support Ballot Referendum B, which would clarify that two individually qualifying family farm entities that have merged to form a singular entity would still qualify for ad valorem tax exemption on certain farm products.

This change is designed to help small farmers. From farm equipment to land to livestock, the business of farming has very high input costs. A small farm may not be able to afford these inputs on their own, but could if they partner with another farm to shoulder the costs. 

Citizens across Georgia have access to a wide variety of agriculture products, and they have local farmers to thank for that. Agriculture is Georgia’s largest economic sector and the lifeblood of rural communities, employing one in seven Georgians supplying food and fiber for the nation.

Those elected to govern impact all aspects of rural life and business, from taxes and environmental regulation to healthcare and education. The I Farm. I Vote. campaign aims to provide unbiased information so Georgians can make an informed decision and support leaders who promote Georgia farmers and Georgia-grown products.

Early voting schedules can vary by county. Look for the list of sites in your county and their hours.

Election Day is Nov. 8. Learn more by visiting the Georgia Secretary of State's How-To Guide for Voting.

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