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Georgia Farm Bureau links farmers with COVID-19 resources

by Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on Apr 08, 2020 at 0:00 AM

Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB) has compiled a list of COVID-19 resources for our members to utilize during this unprecedented time. We hope that this list will serve as a comfort and resource as you navigate these uncertain times. You can find these COVID-19 resources by visiting

The GFB COVID-19 resources site guides Georgians to information on a wide variety of topics, including: Georgia COVID-19 developments; animal health; banking and credit; Department of Homeland Security info naming essential workforce, which includes food and agriculture; education; food safety; labor; mental health; farm workplace safety; taxes and transportation.

Working through adversity is not a new thing for farmers, nor is it for Georgia Farm Bureau. Our organization was started to help farmers in the depths of the Great Depression and the purpose of our insurance company is to be there in times of crisis. Farmers worked together to make it through those challenges years ago, and together, we will work through new sets of challenges. Georgia farmers and Georgia Farm Bureau will continue, No Matter the Storm. If you are active on social media, we encourage you to share how you are #StillFarming. Together, we will make sure that agriculture, one of the most critical and essential industries, continues to thrive.

 “Never in any of our lives has our nation fought an invisible enemy that spreads among us through social contact. It has disrupted almost every aspect of how we work and live. All of us know family or friends who have lost jobs, been sick, or are struggling,” said GFB President Gerald Long. “When we are in the middle of a problem, it is difficult to see the other side. I constantly ask myself, ‘What should we do?  What is it going to take to weather this trial?’  Whenever I struggle; whenever it weighs me down; I remember one thing:  We are all Farm Bureau, and we don’t quit!”

One of GFB’s key facets is that  our organization’s employees, volunteers and members are allowed the freedom to express their faith. Whether you are an employee or a volunteer, Georgia Farm Bureau is special for many reasons, and one is the ability to express our faith.  All members of the GFB family are invited to join, wherever they are, in a quiet moment of prayer each Wednesday at noon during the month of April. 

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