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Georgia Department of Agriculture announces ACC appointments

by Georgia Department of Agriculture

Posted on Aug 17, 2022 at 0:00 AM

On August 2, the Commodity Commission Ex Officio Committee made several appointments of individuals to serve on Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commissions (ACCs):

• Equine Commission - Cassie Harper and Beth Williams were appointed. Barbara Kelly chose not to be reappointed.

• Beef Commission - Allen Wiggins, Ernie Ford, Calhoun County, and Chuck Joiner were appointed. Chairman John Callaway chose not to be reappointed.

• Cotton Commission - Matt Coley and Steven Meeks were reappointed.

• Soybean Commission - Brian Ogletree and Jesse Patrick were reappointed.

• Tobacco - Chance Callaway was appointed. Jerry Wooten did not apply for reappointment.

Appointees to the commodity commissions serve terms of three years and can be reappointed for additional terms. Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commissions receive funding from grower approved assessment of the commodity. These funds can be used for research, education, and promotion of that commodity.

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