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Georgia dairy farmers approve continuation of check-off

by Georgia Department of Agriculture

Posted on Apr 19, 2022 at 0:00 AM

Georgia dairy farmers approved the continuation of the 10 cents per hundredweight milk check-off to fund the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Milk (ACCM) by 98%. The voting period was held March 1-30. The check-off is part of the 15 cents that is required under the USDA Federal Milk Program. Had Georgia dairy producers not reaffirmed the ACCM, all of the 15 cents would have been sent to the national dairy promotion check-off instead of only 5 cents.

The Georgia Milk Commission uses these funds for education and promotion of milk in Georgia. One of its more visible programs is the Mobile Dairy Classroom, which travels throughout the state educating students and consumers at schools and social events about dairy farming and milk’s nutritional benefits. ACCM also funds the Georgia National Fair Dairy Exhibit.

The commission also allocates funds to The Dairy Alliance, a regional dairy promotion organization that manages additional promotion and educational programs throughout Georgia and other Southeastern states.

As required by state law under the Commodities Promotion Act, the ACCM must hold a producer referendum every three years. In order for the ACCM to continue as an organization, at least a two-thirds majority (67%) of the Georgia dairy producers voting must vote in favor for the continuation of the commission.

The ACCM Board consists of five Georgia dairy producers: Tim Camp, James Coble, Pete Gelber,  Paul Johnson and Ailene Schaapman. Johnson chairs the commission.


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