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Georgia citrus growers pass commodity commission market order

Posted on Jul 10, 2024 at 20:38 PM

Georgia citrus growers voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Market Order proposed by the Georgia Citrus Commodity Commission, with 94% approving the order in a referendum held in April.

Established in 2023 to support Georgia’s burgeoning citrus industry, the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Citrus will collect an assessment of two tenths of one cent per pound on marketed Georgia citrus. The money generated through the assessment will be used to fund research, education, and promotion efforts to support Georgia’s growing citrus sector.

This is the commission’s first approved market order. Under Georgia law, commodity commissions must hold approval referendums every three years.

Members of the Georgia Citrus commission include Chairman Ken Corbett of Lake Park, Lindy Savelle of Ochlocknee, Landon Herring of Lake Park, Justin Jones of Leesburg and Jamie Patrick of Omega. Members of the Citrus Advisory Committee for the Citrus Commission are Stephen Batten of Pearson, Delbert Davis of Pearson, Kyli Lamar-Brown of Sale City; Bill Renz of Statesboro; and Brent Strickland of Lakeland.

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