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Georgia blueberry growers voting on continuation of assessment

by Georgia Department of Agriculture

Posted on Mar 17, 2021 at 0:00 AM

Georgia blueberry growers can vote on the continuation of the Georgia Commission Blueberry Marketing Order which allows for assessment of blueberries produced in Georgia. Ballots for the continuation of the market order will be accepted through March 30.

Growers who annually produce and market 2,000 pounds or more of blueberries are eligible to vote. The current assessment amount is set at $5.00 per ton.

When growers receive the ballot, they should vote and return the addressed envelope by March 30. They must also sign and fill out the back of the envelope to certify they are a qualified Georgia blueberry producer for the ballot to be counted.

A favorable vote of 66% of the returned eligible ballots is required for the continuation of the market order.

The Georgia Blueberry Commission was created by the Georgia Legislature at the request of Georgia blueberry growers in 2008. Funds received by the Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Blueberries are used for research, education and promotion of Georgia blueberries. Some of the research funded includes projects on Spotted Winged Drosophila, fruit quality, nutrition traits of varieties, development of varieties, disease management and federal trade import investigation.

Growers who do not receive a ballot should contact Georgia Department of Agriculture Commodity Commissions Manager Andy Harrison at or (404) 710-1196.

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