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Fall Events at Your Local Certified Farm Market

Posted on August 31, 2018 12:00 AM

By Kelly Thompson, Certified Farm Market Coordinator



Georgia Farm Bureau has certified a network of markets across the state that provide consumers the freshest, locally grown products available. The Certified Farm Market program connects you, the consumer, directly with agriculture and the people that make it possible. When you visit one of these markets and engage with a local farmer, it’s a special opportunity to learn when, where, and how your food is produced.


All year round our Certified Farm Markets are bustling with agritoruism! What is agritourism exactly? It's when traditional agriculture meets tourism! The combination of these two leading industries results in touring farms, educational opportunities, festivals, pick your own—the experiences to be had are endless! Trying to plan school field trip? Looking for weekend getaway? Check out some of the many events being hosted and in the fall and make sure your calendar is nearby!