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Celebrating Our Ag Heroes

Posted on March 22, 2022 12:00 AM

Celebrating Ag Heroes


March 23, 2022 is "Ag Hero Day" in Georgia . It's a special day set aside to celebrate the heroes of agriculture in our lives, and we’ve asked some of Georgia Farm Bureau’s own to share their Ag Heroes. 


Lauren Goble

Educational Programs Coordinator for Georgia Farm Bureau

I consider myself a lucky girl because I get to interact with my ag heroes on a daily basis! All over our great state there are dedicated Farm Bureau staff, volunteers, and teachers going above and beyond to educate the future generations about our state’s largest industry. Agriculture has changed so much over the years, but the one thing that has stayed the same is the pride people have about being involved with agriculture. I am thankful for these heroes and their dedication to educating students!

Ag Heroes in Education



Slayten Carter

Membership Acquisition Manager for Georgia Farm Bureau 

I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I was lucky enough to spend my weekends with my grandparents on their farm. I was able to witness firsthand the life of a hardworking farmer and a devoted farmer’s wife. Through their example, I’ve come to learn that farming isn’t just about food and fibers—it’s about faith and family.

Henry and Shirley McKinnon


Henry and Shirley McKinnon are my Ag Heroes because they embody the two principles that lay the foundation for our industry and way of life: 

1. You won’t get far without the help and support of your family and

2. You won’t make it at all if you don’t have a little bit of faith. 



Glenn Robinson

Rebecca Jacobs

District Federation Manager

Glenn Robinson supports agriculture like no one else I know, and for that reason he is my Ag Hero.  Glenn is a selfless servant leader who has devoted immeasurable time and energy investing in my agricultural community and serving as a passionate mentor. When my husband and I began our cattle business over 10 years ago Glenn was there to help every step of the way.  Without Glenn, I would not be where I am today, personally or professionally.  While I am not related to Glenn, he is family to me!




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