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Ag books ready for checkout at public libraries

Posted on May 19, 2022 12:00 AM


Emanuel County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee Member Dana Nasworthy, far left, & Committee Chairman Shari Watt, far right, along with Altamaha EMC District Manager Bill Kennedy, presented a copy of “How to Grow a Monster” to Franklin Memorial Library Director Gladys Collins.

Photo by Shirley Stapleton



For the fifth year, the Georgia Foundation for Agriculture (GFA) and Georgia EMC partnered to donate a children’s book that accurately depicts agriculture to nearly 400 libraries in the Georgia Public Library Service. Each county Farm Bureau received enough copies of “How to Grow a Monster” by Kiki Thorpe to present to the public libraries in its county on behalf of the GFA and Georgia EMC. This book teaches kids how zucchini grow and includes a gardening activity for children to try at home.

County Farm Bureau and regional EMC representatives presented the books throughout March. 

Other ag books available at your local library, courtesy of GFA & Georgia EMC include: “John Deere, That’s Who!,” about the blacksmith who invented the steel plow;  “Right This Very Minute,” explains how food gets from farm to table; “Full of Beans: Henry Ford Grows a Car,” looks at the many products the famous carmaker created from soybeans; & “Tales of the Dairy Godmother, Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish,” visits a dairy farm.  “Sleep Tight Farm” and “Hi, I’m Billy Blueberry This is My Story,” are available courtesy of GFA.