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GFB awards Harvest 20 Research Grants

by Jennifer Whittaker, Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on Jan 06, 2021 at 0:00 AM

In 2020, Georgia Farm Bureau awarded $119,830 in research grants to seven University of Georgia scientists and their research teams to address eight production and economic issues affecting Georgia farmers. Most research projects were to be completed by Dec. 31, 2020. Recipients of GFB’s Harvest 20 Research grants were Dr. Sudeep Bag, Dr. Timothy Coolong, Dr. Apurba Barman, Dr. Phingsheng Ji, Dr. Adam Rabinowitz, Dr. Tommie Shepherd and Dr. Lawton Stewart.

“In 2017, Georgia Farm Bureau announced our ‘Harvest 20 Vision’ as a plan for our organization to lead the way in Georgia agriculture,” said recently retired GFB President Gerald Long. “Part of that vision was for Georgia Farm Bureau to financially support agricultural research in our state to address problems our farmers experience in their fields and with their livestock. As federal and state funds for ag research decline, it’s our job to step up and join other ag organizations to support research that benefits Georgia farmers.”

A review committee selected these eight research projects to receive GFB grants:

Epidemiology & Impact of Cotton Leafroll Dwarf Disease in Georgia

Principal investigator Dr. Bag

Antiparasitic Drug Use in Weaned Calves to Increase Producers’ Profitability

Principal investigator Dr. Stewart

Using Advanced Molecular Methods to Manage Fusarium Wilt in Watermelon

Principal investigator Dr. Ji

Analysis of Georgia Farm Bankruptcies

Principal investigator Dr. Rabinowitz

Hemp Variety Evaluation in Georgia

Principal investigator Dr. Coolong

Documenting Weed Species that Support Silverleaf Whitefly in South Georgia

Principal investigator Dr. Barman

Real-time Detection of Irrigation Water Contamination by Phytopthora Capsici

Principal investigator Dr. Ji

Development of Georgia Agribusiness, Farming & Resource Modeling Systems (GAFARMS)

Principal investigator Dr. Shepherd

2020 was the third year GFB awarded research grants to Georgia researchers who are tackling problems Georgia farmers are experiencing on their operations. Since 2018, GFB has awarded a total of $255,620 in research grants that have addressed beef, blueberry, cotton, fruit and pecan tree, soybean, vegetable, and poultry production issues. 

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