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Cure the Winter Blues with Story Time!

Posted on January 25, 2019 12:00 AM

By Lauren Goble, Ag in the Classroom Coordinator


Each new year brings excitement and promise, but also the winter blues! The holiday high has dwindled and cold dreary days keep us wishing for spring. There's no better cure to the winter blues than reading and story time! Introducing agriculture during this time of year will remind your children and students what the promise of spring holds and how the earth's land is quietly preparing a warm weather bounty! Choose to share the story of how farming is an essential part of our world.


Perfect for fans of Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny, and Big Red Barn, this never-before-published picture book from beloved children’s book author Margaret Wise Brown tells the comforting, snowy story of animals seeking shelter from the cold in a big warm barn.

When Charlie wakes up to a world covered in snow, he can't wait to go outside. He even takes a break from patrol duty to go sledding with his friends Walter and Sister. But when Walter goes missing, it's up to Charlie to take control of the situation and bring his buddy back.


This colorful book is designed to capture the attention of young children and interest them in gardens. The bright (florescent) colors and shapes will capture the attention of most preschool children.


Minerva Louise, a snow-loving chicken, mistakes a pair of mittens for two hats to keep both ends warm.


Winner of the Foundation's 2017 Book of the Year Award, Sleep Tight Farm introduces young readers to real life on a small farm. Read about how farmers care for their land and animals as they get their farm ready for winter.


During a snowstorm, a farm child goes to the woods to watch the ground turn white, observe animal tracks, and spot an owl gliding through the trees.


On a cold, snowy day, a young girl and her mother shop to buy ingredients for vegetable soup. At home, they work together, step by step, to prepare the meal. This book celebrates the importance of making a nutritious meal and sharing in the process.


Who Grew My Soup? tells the story of young Phineas Quinn and his questions about the vegetable soup his mom serves for lunch. Phin declares he won't slurp a single spoonful until he knows: Who grew my soup?


The animals on this farm have nothing to fear from the blizzard--they're snugly nestled away in their barn. With a soothing, rhymed text reminiscent of Margaret Wise Brown, here's a cozy tour through a wintertime haven that will lull little ones off to dreamland.  


This My First Little House book introduces Almanzo Wilder, the young boy from Farmer Boy who would one day marry Laura Ingalls. Winter has come to the Wilder family farm in upstate New York. Almanzo goes through his afternoon barn chores, and then sits down to eat a hearty farm supper with his family.