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Georgia winners named in National Corn Yield Contest

The National Corn Growers Association recently announced the winners in the National Corn Yield Contest.

State winners in Georgia, with their hometown, variety and yield in bushels per acre are:

 • Conventional Non-Irrigated: 1. Wallace C Anderson, Ellijay, Pioneer P1185YHR, 308.4083; 2. Jerry Smith, Dawsonville, Pioneer P1870YHR 241.7101.

• Strip, Min, Mulch, Ridge-Till Non-Irrigated: 1. Logan Poppell, Odum, AgriGold A6544 VT2PRO, 205.5942; 2. Kenny Poppell, Jesup. AgriGold A647-35 AS5222,  203.3002; 3. Will Foster, Blakely, Dyna-Gro D58VC65, 181.8345.

• No-Till Irrigated: 1. Jonathan Hitchcock, Tennille, DEKALB DKC63-58, 324.9537;

* James W. Hitchcock, Tennille, DEKALB, DKC62-06, 306.1589;

• Strip, Min, Mulch, Ridge-Till Irrigated: * Jonathan Hitchcock, Tennille DEKALB DKC62-06, 314.8872; * James W Hitchcock, Tennille, AgriGold, A6659 Conv., 313.5400; 1. Jed Daniel, Dawson, Dyna-Gro D58VC65, 280.2285; 2. Caleb Traugh, Blakely, Hefty Seed H6552, 270.1417; 3. Kevin Tabb, Damascus, Dyna-Gro D58VC65, 240.9135.

• Conventional Irrigated: 1. James W. Hitchcock, Tennille, DEKALB DKC62-06, 323.1831; * Jonathan Hitchcock, Tennille, AgriGold A6659 Conv., 302.5053; 2. John Williams Jr., Colquitt, Dyna-Gro D58VC65, 277.9129; 3. Jerry Heard, Newton, Pioneer P1197YHR, 270.0069.

*Same grower has the high yield across multiple classes; same grower can only win one class.