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COTTON USA enters traceability partnership

Cotton USA and Oritain have signed a partnership to provide verification of origin for all U.S. cotton, the two organizations announced Oct. 31. The collaboration will give brands and retailers the assurance they need to make responsible sourcing and purchasing decisions, according to a joint statement.

To achieve the level of traceability that the industry is demanding, Oritain’s unique method applies forensic science to detect trace elements in the cotton itself. Soil composition and other environmental factors give the cotton an identifier specific to each location – what Oritain calls the Origin Fingerprint, the only way to be absolutely sure where particular cotton was grown. Cotton can be tested at any stage of its journey from farm to shop floor, giving buyers complete assurance that the product has not been substituted along the way.

Guaranteeing origin will address traceability challenges faced by the global cotton industry, including minimizing the risk of supply chain partners blending the product with lower quality fibers.

The partnership follows a pilot program and rigorous blind test for Oritain, during which samples were collected across Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee, and subsequently identified with 100% accuracy.