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Flint River SWCD, NRCS, UGA to expand smart irrigation to pecans

A joint project between the Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District (FRSWCD), the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and UGA will develop new tools to optimize irrigation water management for pecan production in southwest Georgia and provide outreach to pecan producers in the region.

 The group will work with growers in the Lower Flint-Ochlocknee Regional Water Council Area, which includes six of the top 10 pecan-producing counties in Georgia, to gather irrigation data, use data to develop irrigation scheduling tools and make these tools available to all growers through outreach and education.

This project will build on existing region and crop specific irrigation scheduling tools developed in partnership by UGA and the University of Florida. These tools are available to growers for several crops as smart phone applications, giving growers tools to continue improving agricultural water use efficiency through innovation. Dr. Vasileios Liakos will lead the UGA team developing similar tools for pecans.

The group will host workshops to share the new pecan irrigation resource with growers.

“The Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District and our partners have a strong track record of improving agricultural irrigation efficiency through innovative tools, such as irrigation scheduling,” said Marty McLendon, chairman of the FRSWCD. “This is a wonderful opportunity for Southwest Georgia growers to continue to be leaders in smart irrigation practices.”

Funding for this work comes from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division Water Plan Seed Grant Program and a cooperative agreement with the NRCS.

The FRSWCD consists of farmers, landowners, and community leaders who are dedicated to the conservation, wise use, and protection of natural resources in the Flint River Basin. Learn more about the district at

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