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July is Smart Irrigation Month in Georgia

Gov. Brian Kemp has declared July 2019 as Smart Irrigation Month in Georgia. Smart Irrigation Month highlights farmers’ commitment to using efficient irrigation technologies to water their crops, and conservation measures homeowners and businesses can use to water their yards and landscapes.  Irrigating wisely provides social, economic, and environmental benefits.

“We are proud to recognize our farmers for their efforts in utilizing Smart Irrigation,” Kemp said. “Using the right amount of water in the right place at the right time enhances the productivity and quality of our Georgia Grown crops and preserves a precious resource for generations to come.”

Water is critically important to Georgia’s citizens and industries. New technologies have advanced irrigation methods to optimize water use.

“Georgia depends on agriculture. One out of seven jobs are involved in agriculture. It’s not only livelihood, but it’s a way of life, and water is our most precious commodity,” said Georgia Farm Bureau President Gerald Long.

A group of government agencies and stakeholder organizations, including Georgia Farm Bureau, has teamed up to spotlight Smart Irrigation tools, management practices and the social and economic benefits derived from irrigated agriculture throughout July, to demonstrate Georgia’s commitment to water stewardship.

“Georgia has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources that combine to make us Nature’s Favorite State, and our farmers know that keen conservation of these resources is vital to the continued success of our industry and economy as a whole,” Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black said. “We applaud our farmers for staying ahead of the curve of environmental stewardship with their proactive implementation of smart irrigation methods.”

Georgia is nationally and internationally recognized for the efficient irrigation technologies developed by irrigation and precision agriculture scientists and researchers that have been tested, refined and adopted well beyond the state’s borders.

Georgia’s farmers are utilizing water resources to produce high quality, safe, affordable and nutritious fresh food to meet our domestic and global market demands.

Smart Irrigation Month is celebrating agriculture’s achievements and commitment to the sustainable use of available water resources.

For more information, visit Smart Irrigation Month is an Irrigation Association initiative.