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Agricultural Commodity Commission taking board nominations

The Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commissions for beef, cotton, equine, soybeans and tobacco are accepting nominations to fill term-expiring board positions. Eligible candidates must be active producers of the commodity and commit to attending commodity commission meetings. Term-expiring board members are also eligible for reappointment.

Nominations can be submitted using the Nominee Information Form found at commodity-promotion-forms.aspx and mailing them to: Andy Harrison, Georgia Department of Agriculture, 19 MLK Jr. Drive S.W., Room 320, Atlanta, GA 30334

Nomination forms may also be faxed to 404-656-9380 or emailed to The deadline for submissions is May 30.

The nominees will be certified by the Georgia Department of Agriculture to ensure they are active Georgia producers of the commodity and geographic representation is considered during the appointment process. Final appointments will be made by the Agriculture Commodity Commission Ex Officio Committee in July. Producers may contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture at 404-586-1405 with questions.

Georgia’s agricultural commodity commissions are farmer-funded programs to enhance research, promotion and education for specific commodities. Commissions are authorized by Georgia law under the Commodity Promotions Act.