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Farms from Minnesota to Mississippi plagued with flooding

More than 2 million acres of farm land along the Mississippi River, Great Plains and Midwest have been inundated with flood waters, according to published reports, and more could be on the way after the blizzard that struck Minnesota and North Dakota April 11 and 12. Some areas of southwest Minnesota received as much as 30 inches of snow.

Mississippi Farm Bureau reported that 500,000 acres of farmland in Mississippi are under water, delaying planting for multiple crops. MFB President Mike McCormick and his staff took an aerial tour of the Mississippi Delta to gauge the extent of the flooding.

“This flood is going to have an impact on the farmers and their ability to get their crops in this year,” McCormick said. “It’s going have a huge impact on the towns up and down the Mississippi River and in the Delta.”

An estimated 500,000 acres of Iowa and Nebraska farmland flooded in March, as well as an estimated 1.1 million acres in the Midwest, according to an April 1 article on the Successful Farming website. The flood waters are likely to delay planting of corn and soybeans in the affected areas, as well as presenting challenges with managing livestock.