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Despite hurricane closure, Georgia National Fair draws almost 500k

The Georgia National Fair, held October 4-14 in Perry, drew a total attendance of 496,524 over the 10 days the fair was open, an increase over the 2017 fair by 29,940 attendees, with three record-breaking days. The 2018 fair marked the first time in 29 years that the fair was closed for an entire day, with a delayed reopen on Oct. 11.

One highlight of the 2018 Georgia National Fair was the addition of the new Georgia Grown Baby Barn exhibit. For the first time, families witnessed dairy cattle giving birth to baby calves in a state-of-the-art birthing facility. The team of UGA Vets and Department of Agriculture staff delivered 20 calves during the 11-day event, each receiving a name by an audience member.

Livestock competitions, the Georgia Living Program, Georgia Grown exhibit and Baby Barn, school groups and rallies; with the traditional components such as the Midway rides and fair food vendors made for 10 days of pure enjoyment while offering those in attendance the unique experience known as the Georgia National Fair.

The 30th Annual Georgia National Fair is scheduled for Oct. 3-13, 2019, in Perry.  For more information visit