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Americus livestock sale barn reopens April 30

The renovated livestock sale barn in Americus is under new management and is scheduled to reopen on April 30 after being closed for a year and a half.

The facility, owned by Sumter County, has been renovated, and Sumter County Stockyard LLC will manage its operation.

“The barn served about 13 counties. When it closed, anybody that wanted to sell a cow had to travel 60 miles or more to do it,” said Sumter County Stockyard LLC co-owner Sam Steele. “When it closed, it was felt by livestock owners really fast.”

Steele is partnering with Dr. LeAnna Wilder, a Macon County veterinarian who treats large animals in several surrounding counties.

“When the barn closed it was devastating to the cattle industry in the area, and it was devastating to the local community,” Wilder said. “When these cattlemen come to Americus they’ll be buying gas and feed and seed and other things. It’s just going to be a real asset to the community.

To begin with, the plan only includes weekly cattle sales, but Wilder hopes other livestock species will be added later.

The barn, located at 505 Southerfield road in Americus, will begin receiving cattle on Sundays between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. Sales will take place on Mondays beginning at 1 p.m. For information visit