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Georgia vegetable growers to vote on continuation of assessment

Georgia vegetable growers have the opportunity to vote on renewing the grower assessment, which funds the Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Vegetables. The Commission is charged by law with providing programs of research, promotion and education on behalf of the state’s vegetable growers.

Most of the funds received by the commission are committed to research projects on topics related to vegetable cultivation to provide growers with the latest information and production techniques. Some of the funded research projects include fumigant studies, weed, disease and nematode control, whitefly control, cultivar evaluation and irrigation management. The commission also funds projects for promotion of Georgia vegetables in various markets.

Voting by eligible vegetable growers with 50 or more acres in total annual production of the following crops - beans, bell pepper, specialty pepper, broccoli, beets, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, greens (including collards, turnip greens, mustard and kale), squash (including yellow, zucchini and winter squash), sweet potato and tomato - will take place through March 2. Growers should receive a ballot in the mail. If a grower does not receive a ballot, contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture at 404-586-1405. All ballots must be postmarked prior to midnight, March 2 to be counted.