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Comments needed by Nov. 30 to prevent federal ELD mandate

A federally imposed mandate requiring Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) for long-haul livestock carriers will go into effect on Dec. 18. The ELD enforcement date and existing hours of service regulations pose significant consequences for the livestock industry.  To prevent this requirement, an application for exemption has been presented to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Comments will be needed to successfully obtain this exemption.  Please voice your concerns before the Nov. 30 deadline by visiting

        Current federal law limits on-duty time to 14 hours, with a maximum drive time of 11 consecutive hours. The driver must then rest for 10 consecutive hours before returning to duty.

        Most trips made by Georgia livestock haulers will not have enough drive time to accommodate hauling live animals across the country.

        Livestock is defined as poultry, aquaculture and insect producers, processors and transporters.

        The welfare and safety of the animals in transit, together with the safety of other drivers, are the industry's top priorities.

Granting a waiver will allow for long-standing livestock transportation safety and training programs to be adjusted and provide the necessary time for training on the use of ELDs.