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June 27, 2014




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MACON, Ga. – Always a summer delight, Georgia peaches aren’t just for cobbler or milkshakes. The sweet fruit can be incorporated in a wide variety of dishes - from desserts to salsas.

“The good thing about peaches is you can can them, you can freeze them, you can eat them immediately,” said Cynde Dickey of Dickey Farms in Musella. “They’re good for so many different things and they’re not just good for dessert. They’re healthy, they’re good for a snack, they’re good for cooking, for dessert and they’re good as appetizers like jams and jellies.”

Peaches and a wide variety of other summer crops are available now Georgia Farm Bureau’s Certified Farm Markets, including sweet corn, watermelons, cantaloupes, blueberries and more.

The CFMs also offer a set of experiences almost as varied as the produce. At Dickeys, for instance, visitors can relax on rocking chairs on a long wood-floored porch under ceiling fans, watch as the peaches are being packed and enjoy prime peach ice cream.

Other products like jams and jellies are available, and many CFMs also share recipes so consumers can make their own. For unique and easy-to-make recipes featuring peaches and your other favorite farm products visit the GFB recipe page at

A late freeze this spring limited peach yields in some areas, but the quality wasn’t harmed.

“They could not be sweeter than they are right now,” Cynde Dickey said. “From now to the end of the season in August, I think anybody would be happy with the peaches they’re going to purchase.”

With at more than 90 locations around the state, most Georgians are less than an hour from at least one CFM, where the freshest possible fruits and vegetables await.

“The food consumers get at our Certified Farm Markets is often straight from the field,” said GFB President Zippy Duvall. “Whatever your taste, they have something for you, and the with the on-farm experiences that come with the food, we think they provide an exceptional value.”

For a complete listing of the GFB Certified Farm Markets, visit


Founded in 1937, Georgia Farm Bureau is the state’s largest general farm organization. Its volunteer members actively participate in local, district and state activities that promote agriculture awareness to their non-farming neighbors. GFB also has 20 commodity advisory committees that give the organization input on issues pertinent to the major commodities grown in Georgia.  






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CUTLINE TO ACCOMPANY PHOTO:  Visitors at Dickey Farms in Musella look over the selection of peaches. Dickey Farms is one of 90 Georgia Farm Bureau Certified Farm Markets offering a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, farm products and experiences.