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The Discussion Meet contest is designed to simulate a committee meeting where discussion and active participation are expected from each participant. This competition is evaluated on an exchange of ideas and information on a pre-determined topic. The judges are looking for the contestant that offers constructive criticism, cooperation, and communication while analyzing agricultural problems and developing solutions.





These questions will be discussed at the 2016 GFB Young Farmer Leadership Conference at Jekyl Island, and at the AFBF Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.


1. American agriculture depends on a foreign-born labor force. How would you draft a national immigration policy?


2. How can we ensure that farmers and ranchers, not government agencies, are driving the management of natural resources?


3. How can we as farmers and ranchers maintain “ownership” of our intellectual and proprietary information? (Big data, unmanned aerial vehicles, unauthorized videos)


4. The nation’s tax policy has become increasingly complicated and cumbersome. What should a balanced and beneficial tax policy look like for agriculture?


5. Today’s food companies employ many tactics to gain a marketing edge. What is the purpose of food labels? How can Farm Bureau work to ensure that consumers understand the labels and have confidence in the safety and quality of their food?



If you're a Georgia Farm Bureau member between the ages of 18 and 35, and would like to participate in the Discussion Meet competition, download the Discussion Meet Registration Form.




Chad Carlton, a Polk County farmer who reached the final four of the American Farm Bureau's Discussion Meet in 2008, offers advice for prospective participants...



Samples of Opening Statements...



HIghlights from previous competitions, and samples of closing statements...




For more information on participating in the Young Farmer Discussion Meet,

please contact your county Farm Bureau office.