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The Discussion Meet contest is designed to simulate a committee meeting where discussion and active participation are expected from each participant. This competition is evaluated on an exchange of ideas and information on a pre-determined topic. The judges are looking for the contestant that offers constructive criticism, cooperation, and communication while analyzing agricultural problems and developing solutions.





1. How would the condition of government-managed public lands change if they were managed privately? What are the pros and cons of government ownership of land versus private ownership?


2. Should farmers and ranchers be held liable for possible food-borne illnesses when the food item of concern can be traced back to their farms or ranches? Why or why not?


3. The farm bill crop insurance provisions offer a safety net for crop loss due to natural disaster and/or price risk. Should a safety net for livestock producers be developed, and what provisions might it include?


4. How can young farmers and ranchers work to encourage membership growth and member engagement for the county, state and national Farm Bureau organizations?


5. How should our nation’s policies balance concerns about food insecurity against concerns about the safety or environmental impact of modern agricultural technologies? What role should farmers have in discussing and debating these issues in our society and with our lawmakers?



Links to resources to aid in preparation for the discussion meet are available here.



In this video, GFB Young Farmer Coordinator Jed Evans, provides some strategies and tips to help you compete and win in the Discussion Meet...




Chad Carlton, a Polk County farmer who reached the final four of the American Farm Bureau's Discussion Meet in 2008, offers advice for prospective participants...



Samples of Opening Statements...



HIghlights from previous competitions, and samples of closing statements...




For more information on participating in the Young Farmer Discussion Meet,

please contact your county Farm Bureau office.