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Georgia Farm Bureau Federation is a member of the American Farm Bureau Federation, a national organization of farmers and ranchers including Farm Bureaus in 49 other states and Puerto Rico, and is responsible for Farm Bureau membership and programs within Georgia.


Georgia Farm Bureau programs and services are available only to Farm Bureau members within Georgia.


Some political views expressed in these pages may represent the Georgia Farm Bureau Federation's position on various issues as they relate to Georgia. The positions of the national Farm Bureau organization collectively are expressed through the American Farm Bureau Federation and those views may also be represented here.


News media stories from various sources displayed as "GFRN Radio Network News" or "Latest AG News" or similar, either as a "news scroll" or as a separate page of this site, on another GFB operated site, or a page linked to this site, do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Georgia Farm Bureau, American Farm Bureau or any of their affiliates. They are merely a digest of current news or opinion about agriculture in the media made available as a service to agriculture through the Georgia Farm Radio Network (GFRN). GFRN is a radio broadcast network operated jointly by Georgia Farm Bureau, Inc. and Clear Channel Inc. / Georgia News Network, Atlanta.


AFB logo, FARM BUREAU®, and FB®, and all Farm Bureau Logos and names used on this site, are registered service marks owned by the American Farm Bureau Federation, and are used by Georgia Farm Bureau Federation under a license agreement between the two organizations. More information regarding the American Farm Bureau Federation can be found HERE.



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Reuse of Georgia Farm Bureau Material

Unauthorized publishing, distribution, copying or modification of any portion of this or any GFB website is strictly prohibited. Specifically:


Audio or video material from the Georgia Farm Monitor television program found on this site may not be used or copied without express permission from the copyright holder, the Georgia Farm Bureau, Inc.


Material from programs provided on the Georgia Farm Radio Network is not available and may not be used or quoted in any way without express permission from the copyright holders: the Georgia Farm Bureau, Inc. & Clear Channel Networks - Atlanta.


Exceptions to this policy include:
(1) Any official news release or official news photo issued by the Georgia Farm Bureau Public Relations office or and duly posted by an authorized individual on this website is useable.

(2) With prior permission from the Publisher, any Georgia Farm Bureau News magazine story or Farm Bureau’s Georgia Neighbor’s magazine story may be reprinted or otherwise reproduced in its entirety as long as the reprint or other reproduction credits the Georgia Farm Bureau, the original writer and the applicable magazine as its source.


For information about reusing or reproducing any materials or portions of this or other websites owned or controlled by Georgia Farm Bureau or any of its affiliate companies, contact Andy Lucas by telephone at (478) 474-8411, or via e-mail.


Privacy Issues

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Disclaimer of Liability

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