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Home Inventory Forms


The Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance Companies want you to be prepared!


Could you come up with a list of everything in your home...without being there? A catastrophic claim could leave you and your family trying to recreate a complete inventory of your personal possessions at a less than ideal time.


The best time for a home inventory is your convenience and without the pressure. Why not take a few minutes to print out the inventory forms listed for each room in your home. Complete the forms and store them in a safety deposit box or other secure place outside your home. Then if you ever face a loss due to tornado, theft or fire, you'll have an accurate listing of all your possessions.


Be as thorough as you can with each item. For example:

• Remington 1100, 12 gauge shotgun, serial # 93B31258
• RCA XL100 25” color TV with remote, serial # XCV45698752
• Be sure to note if you have more than one of the same item
(i.e. 3- Brass Lamps, 2- LazyBoy recliners)
• List where items were purchased and whether new or used.
• List original cost

It’s also a good idea to supplement this inventory with a videotape or photographs of each room in your home. These visual records can help you when it comes to describing your belongings in detail, and they may also help police recover your property if stolen. Store the photographs/ videotape with your inventory sheets away from your home. It’s also beneficial to keep invoices, receipts and owners manuals as additional support for ownership and purchase price.


Then, just keep this inventory up-to-date!



Insurance Inventory Forms

Antiques - Collectibles
Artwork - Books
Basement - Attic - Storage
Computer - Electronics
Den - Family Room
Dining Room
Garage - Patio
Home Office
Laundry Room
Living Room
Misc. Assets
Summary Sheet


Print out as many forms as you need and put them in a safe place. When you finish this helpful project, you may find that the value of your personal property is much more than you thought. If so, you may want to talk with your Farm Bureau agent to make sure you have adequate coverage on your home’s content.


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