Harvest For All

The GFB Young Farmer and Rancher Committee is excited to host its annual “Harvest for All Campaign”. The Young Farmer Committee works in conjunction with the Georgia Food Bank Association and Feeding America to help Georgians who face the challenge of providing food for their families. Through Harvest for All, money is raised to contribute to the seven regional food banks located around Georgia. The Georgia Food Bank Association uses these donated dollars to fulfill their purpose of feeding hungry people. High protein, low-cost foods such as peanut butter and chicken are among the most purchased items of food banks. 

Many Georgians continue to face challenges during these difficult economic times to provide food for their families. Georgia Farm Bureau understands the significance of providing food and fiber, and we also know what it means to help out or neighbor. Harvest for All is one of the greatest areas we give back to our local communities each year. The Young Farmer Committee seeks to conduct this campaign so that donations have the largest possible impact.

Food banks have the ability to stretch each dollar donated into many meals. For every dollar donated, the seven regional food banks in Georgia are currently able to provide grocery products equating to four meals back into the community. For example, a $50 donation will create 200 meals for those in need.

Throughout the year, the GFB Young Farmer and Rancher Committee works closely with the Georgia Food Bank Association by volunteering at local food banks, meeting with industry officials and planning for the annual Harvest for All Campaign.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact your local Farm Bureau today. 

For more information on the Georgia Food Bank Association, click here.

Dustin Lard of the Georgia Food Bank Association, center, accepts a donation of $20,000 from GFB President Gerald Long, right, and YF&R Committee Chairman Will Cabe during the 2016 GFB Annual Convention on Jekyll Island Dec. 4.